Self regulation and Community Regulation

A moderator is crucial to help things stay on track and create the best experience for all. Set guidelines so your moderator has a precedent to step in and help get the group back on track if somebody makes a misstep and to help empower those who maybe are less likely to speak up.

Here is a sample script:

Thank you so much for coming to our event! We value your thoughts during this Q+A and before we begin, want to set some guidelines. If you are someone that often doesn’t feel comfortable speaking, we hope you will give a try to move up. If you find yourself comfortable speaking, we ask that you try listening and move back. We also hope you will consider the language you use, and hope to “call folks in” to help educate our neighbors and peers. We also invite you to ask questions via Twitter with the hashtag “x”, write questions on paper in your booklets, and take notes as you’d like. Please also keep your questions brief. 

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